Splinterlands Art Contest Week 197 - Water Elemental

Another one hour sculpting challenge. ( where i try to finish a sculpture in one hour )I am trying to level up my sculpting game for a while. Trying to made an online presence and setup my store. But I have a long way to go before i achieve my goals. The only way to get there is daily sculpting. I share almost everything i made here in hive. Whats better way to use hive ecosystem for material.

In this study I use Water Elemental Card Art for a reference along with some natural horn references. Greatest artist is the nature.

I generally use zphere for something like this but i wanted to experiment with dynamesh and move tool. And the other difference for this model is I did not use symmetry.

Software : Zbrush
Tablet : Xp-Pen Artist 22E Pro

Here some progress screenshots. Enjoy.

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2 columns
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