Amazing Nature Botany Curation: June 2021 Report #2


We appreciate your posts and the following ones are randomly selected because of their botanical qualities. They are manually curated on behalf of the Amazing Nature Community.

First a brief explanation about Botany:

Botany is a broad term covering scientific study of plants. It could be from a small living organism to a tree. Included would be flora, fungi, lichens, trees and flowering plants.

We are also interested in plants for their psychological (good for the mind & soul) benefits.

Through botany, medicinal properties are discovered from nature. Food, medicines, parks, forests, pollution and much more have been improved with botanical knowledge. Botanists search for alternatives from the harmful chemicals used on crops and the deforestation that has damaged the health of our planet.

Herbalism, with ancient people identifying edible, medicinal or poisonous plants, is the original of Botany. Our ancestors and Native peoples were botanists in their own right. They knew of the healing properties to be found in plants but much of that knowledge had been lost to future generations.

Now I would like to bring your attention to the curated posts and ask you to show some love to the amazing authors:

  • @wynella awakens to observe how the onset of winter has affected the plants and animals in South Africa. Although the chill in the air makes her want to stay cozy in bed she enjoys the beauty of the seasonal changes in nature.




  • @cvnuitter is involved in an organization concerned with environmental conservation. They hope to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and reforesting of the area. Venezuela is a country rich in diversity but the accelerated growth of the cities has devastated tree and animal species. They want the reforestation to be a refuge for several species, starting by planting their own trees that can be home to animal species



  • @txatxy sees a beautiful tree in the park where part of it appears to be infected by a parasite or fungus. The trees are looked after and she wonders what is causing the start of the discolouration of the tree.




  • @kawsar8035 reflects on how one of the beauties of nature has disappeared from his village. He does not see the beautiful view of the palm tree filled with the skillfully crafted Babui birds’ nests anywhere within his village. He does get to witness this awesome beauty of nature and hear the chirping of the babui birds in a secluded environment far away from the village.




We like to see quality posts. You have a chance to be selected for OCD curation.

A special thanks to #OCD for curating and supporting the Amazing Nature Community.

To be eligible for curation:

  • Contents must be posted directly into the Amazing Nature Community feed or use hive-127788 as first tag if posting from Ecency.

  • Photographs and text must be your own or properly sourced with a nice description for each individual photo. Please state why those photos represent your Amazing Nature.

  • Do not post a string of pictures without text. Add some explanations between each one of them.

Entries for the Amazing Nature Contest and Thematic Challenge are separate. They will be highlighted in the competition evaluation.


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Thanks Nature Lovers for being with us!

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