Perceiving the casedemic

Cases! Cases everywhere! It's the second wave of the super-deadly, yet not-so-deadly, coronavirus pandemic (scamdemic) of 2020! But wait a minute. Where are all the deaths? Oh right, they aren't showing up.

Week after week now for months, the deaths aren't being talked about. Why? Because they kept going down and down and down. Cases have risen. But went the other way. They had to keep talking about cases in order to make you afraid, because deaths were dropping steadily, and still are.

The pandemic is over. The excessive deaths aren't there. That's what a pandemic is, when there are lots of deaths causes by an infectious agent. There is no more pandemic. But they won't report that. They want you to believe there is still a pandemic by reporting on cases, cases, cases. Gotta keep everyone in FEAR FEAR FEAR. Stay at home. Wear a mask. Stay away form others.

That way you are still willing to let them build the control structure they want to create.

Still don't get it? Go look at any country, and look at the charted progression of daily cases vs daily alleged death from COVID-19. YOu will see death vanishing, while in some countries cases have gone up. COVID-19 has a 2 week incubation period. Yet after 2 week, and after a month, and after 2 months, there is no second wave bullshit.


Go ahead and look at reality yourself, and see the deception from the media an governments who insist on controlling you further with no justification. Remember when the lockdown and measures were just for a few weeks to make sure the hospitals weren't overrun? Well, guess what? They aren't overrun. They aren't giving you back your lives as they were. There is no return to the normal we had. They don't want that to happen. Otherwise it would be happening now.

All the media will cover is cases in order to keep the gullible buying into the non-threat.


Check out this video for more reality:

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