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Good day Deep Divers, Diggers and Researchers!

Today, @deepdives would like to share some incredible resources with you that can help make your research experience more accurate, comprehensive, on-target and rewarding.

Certainly, this collection of resources is by NO MEANS a complete list, there are plenty more out there to discover and employ.

In fact, we encourage any and all members of the Deep Dives Community to add to this list any invaluable archives, databases and resources you believe every DIY investigative researcher should have in their toolbox.
Feel free to add links to your favorites in the comment section.

It's only right to begin by encouraging diggers to be cautious and to be safe while conducting research.

We highly recommend starting off by viewing the Electronic Frontier Foundations's - Surveillance Self-Defense - Guide and also Privacy and Security checklist and making sure that you are regularly using Virtual Private Networks as best practice.

EFF - Surveillance Self-Defense

Privacy and Security Checklist

Enjoy and Happy Digging!

Virtual Private Networks / Virtual Machines / Encryption


Proton VPN

Express VPN (*use at own risk)

Virtual Box


HTTPS Everywhere

Privacy Badger

Starttls Everywhere

Brave Browser

Duck Duck Go

*TOR (The Onion Router) [*WARNING - Many researchers claim TOR is NO LONGER SAFE - Yet, still recommended by EFF]

Internet Archivers

Internet Archive | Wayback Machine

building a digital library of Internet is a time capsule for web pages!
It takes a 'snapshot' of a webpage that will always be online even if the original page disappears.

It saves a text and a graphical copy of the page for better accuracy
and provides a short and reliable link to an unalterable record of any web page

Internet Trends | Domain Names | Visualization

Domain Name Registration Data Lookup

Muckrack Trends

Graph Commons

Public Archives | Leakers & Whistleblowers


OffShore Leaks

Panama Papers


Public Intelligence

EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

OCCRP (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Program)

Investigative Dashboard

ProPublica (Non-Profits)

ProPublica (Credible Accused Priests Database)

GIJC (2015)

Arms Sales Monitoring

Corporation Ownership and Tracking

Corporation Wiki

Little Sis

Open Corporates

Open Secrets

Nonpartisan, independent and nonprofit, the Center for Responsive Politics is the nation's premier research group tracking money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy.

Corporate Research Project | Corporate Rap Sheets

Wall Street Journal Market Data

Drug Watch

Pharmaceutical Industry Violation Tracker

Court Records and Documents


US Courts

National Centre for State Courts

EPIC - Information on FISA Courts

FootNoted - SEC Filings


Government Public Resources

Government Documents

National Archives

Government Attic

Public Accountability

CIA Reading Room

FBI Vault

The Whitehouse

US Spending

Department of Defense (DOD) Newsroom

Department of Defense (DOD) Contracts

State Department - Reports on Human Trafficking

Department of Justice

Inspector General Reports

Just the Real News

US Census

Library of Congress

EPA - Toxic Release Inventory

USPS - Find Zip Codes!input.action

Federal Procurement Data System

US Open Data Portals

FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)

The National Security Archive


FOIA Machine

The Black Vault



People Search | White Pages | Reverse Phone Lookup



Flight Data

Federal Aviation Adminitration (FAA) Registry

ADSBexchange (Flight Data)

Flight Radar 24,126.98/8


How To: Investigative Journalism vis

Image Verification Assistant

Text Fixer (Text Alphabetizer)

Subly (Transcripts and Subtitles)

Journalist's Tool Box - Index

A Journalist's Guide to Web Scraping

Podcast Tools


InVID will build a platform providing services to detect, authenticate and check the reliability and accuracy of newsworthy video files and video content spread via social media.

YouTube Data Viewer (Amnesty International)

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FYI - @deepdives plans on providing periodical updated versions of Research Resources
Members of the Community are ENCOURAGED to SHARE their methods, favorite tools and "How To" tutorials in their own posts!!!

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