Sassy Silver Blogger Names : Pick yours today :)


Sooo guys and dolls, as an introduction this is Dizzy Silver-Blonde Lizzie here, the name I've chosen as my #silverbloggers name; sassy enough for you?
Trying to sound a little brighter for our #silverbloggers, I've decided to drop the Dizzy part, so you can simply call me Silver-Blond Lizzie when visiting here!

I won't delve too deeply into the reason I chose that name know what they say about blondes and their dizzy moments, and I've been having a number of those ever since setting up this community on the prompting of @riverflows, but you know what, it makes life so much more exciting when I have that light-switch aha moment...and everything suddenly makes sense :)

All credit goes to my super #silverbloggers' team; our super efficient admin @fionasfavourites whose Sassy Silver name is Silver Flower, and without whom I would have been floundering and drowning by now!

Not forgetting dear Sir @papilloncharity aka Sir? Sterling Silver who was peppered with questions when I initially started and @tarazkp aka Hi-ho Silver who diplomatically answered my blonde question about what they mean in the settings with (No Title Set) under our names, as I was totally flummoxed!

When I decided to go ahead and start this community, I contacted @livinguktaiwan asking if I needed to get a special degree at Hive University as I knew absolutely zilch about setting up a community and had just joined her fun Toys on Hive Community, so knew this smart lady would steer me in the right direction.

I wanted to surprise @riverflows that her playful suggestion actually would come to fruition so kept her in the dark!

It was a brilliant suggestion as we already have many seasoned members and I have a feeling that we will become a shining bright silver force here on Hive!

Nothing to do with silver coins as my friend @dandays thought ;)

So now that we have a good crowd gathered here, I thought it timely to give all our members the opportunity of choosing their own sassy #silverbloggers' names.

How do I get my Sassy Silver name listed in the community?

I am so glad you asked. It's simple:

Comment on in the comments section of this post and we will do the rest.

Just in case you're concerned, what happens in the Silver Bloggers' community stays in the Silver Bloggers' community. This does not change your name, username or anything else on the blockchain. You will only "use" it when you blog or comment here.

Would be real sassy if your name includes "Silver", but it really is up to you to decide what you'd like to be called here.


Your Silver-Blonde Lizzie is sponsoring some random prizes for those taking part, so get those thinking caps onto the silver hairs (or the repossessed ones) and let's have some fun!

A reminder

Silver Bow.jpg

Before this Silver-blonde Lizzie signs off and waits to hear from you, do not forget to check out our new #BoW for the week 7-14 June with the topic Embracing Silver here.

Our members certainly shone with the first #BoW, so we're looking forward to seeing some action here again!

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Help to build the Silver Bloggers’ community

We’d like to be able to support our members and grow this community. Help us do this in one of three ways (or all three):

  • add the community account to your fanbase so that you can autovote the Silver Bloggers community account (@hive-106316)
  • with a delegation which you can either do yourself from your wallet, or pick an amount from the table below
  • add @hive106316 as a 5% beneficiary when you post in the community

Come and join our Silver Bloggers community


And, thank you in advance

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