Let's not waste this BULL-RUN. We need to do something!

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Current Market Situation

The problem with the current market is that it's a mix of fundamentally strong projects pumping as well as trash.

Every innovative project spawned a wave of copy-cat projects. The first copy-cats were at least trying to innovate on it, while as time went on, mostly the name/color-theme/images changed. Some projects nowadays are still innovating, but those are rare.

Example: Uniswap (OG) => Sushiswap (CopyCat but innovative) => GENERIC_FOOD_NAME_DEFI_PROJECT (CopyCat) => ParaSwap (CopyCat but innovative) => ...

0.00000000000 Manipulation

And then, there are the coins that have such an absurd supply that crypto newbies are getting tricked into thinking that if Bitcoin is at 60000$, then surely my coin at 0.00001$ can at least go to 1$, not realising that price doesn't matter - only market cap does and the coin going to 1$ would mean a higher marketcap than even Bitcoin.


And then, there's Hive. Fundamentally very strong

  • Had a "stablecoin" before it was cool.
  • Had yield farming before it was cool.
  • Had a strong governance model before it was cool.
  • Had one of the most uses blockchain games with NFTs before it was cool.
  • Had a DAO before it was cool.
  • Had a highly distributed supply among stakeholders before it was cool.
  • Had an active and loyal community before it was cool.
  • Fuck, it even made blockchain history

But when comparing the price action to coins such as ETH (30x), SOL (64x), TRX (14x) or even XVG (10x), we're lacking behind (3x-5x). Why is that?


Now, price is obviously not most important, in a bear market. However, in a bull market, when everything pumps, we should at least be on the same level as XVG. Price attracts people, developers and allows us to move faster, as well as for investors to DO MORE.

Problem is that Hive currently doesn't have as clear a use-case as projects such as Ethereum or Solana, nor is it as "cheap" as any of the 0.0000000 coin projects. Hive is this little decentralized underdog project everyone heard about, but why invest in it if you can be either in ETH or gamble on SHIB?


What to do?

The problem I see is that on HIVE much is based around voting, powering up HIVEPOWER, etc. But nobody in this market is going to lock their crypto up for 13 weeks. Even if they get 1/13th out of it every week. We're in the middle of a fucking bull-run. It could be over in 13 weeks (it prob. won't, but nobody can know for sure)

HF25 will come in 1-2 months, it will be conservative positive, improve governance & more, but nothing really extraordinary to pull the attention from outside. It also sadly doesn't include anything which makes it easier for people to participate on HIVE without locking up money for 13 weeks. Unless of course, you're referring to coming here for rewards without buying any tokens.

So, again: what do we do? How can we make it attractive to hold HIVE without the need to lock it up, because that's for sure not coming in the next 6 months?

Let's discuss this in the comments!

PS: @therealwolf/why-the-next-bull-run-will-matter-for-hive (It's difficult to determine whether this bull-run will be the last of its kind, due to the fact that every bull-run had a 80% drop, but crypto is getting quite mainstream, with even garyvee launching an NFT project, ebay wanting to implement NFT selling and all the institutional buying of crypto)

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