[POLL] Improve Powerup Mechanism (PLEASE VOTE)

[POLL] Improve Powerup Mechanism (PLEASE VOTE)

Fact is: we have to do something. The current powerup mechanism is outdated (as explained here and here

The main argument AGAINST any change in that regards, is: security.

Security for individual wallets AND security for the governance model.

However, we already have a protection mechanism in place:

Hive must be staked for 30 days before it counts towards witness and proposal voting tallies.

So the argument is mainly for individual stakeholders. Now, I can't make the decision for anyone, hence why I'd like to ask everyone to vote on this poll.

There are many changes we could implement to make it far more lucrative & interesting for people to stake their HIVE (increase APY over time, etc.). But let's start small.

1.) Reduce to 4 weeks

We're currently at 13 weeks powerdown. That means, for 13 weeks, you get 7.6% of your HIVEPOWER as HIVE every week.

The change would result in it taking 4 weeks and you getting 25% of your HIVEPOWER as HIVE every week.

2.) 10% Burn Mechanism

Quote @theycallmedan (@theycallmedan/qspq4x)

Would you sacrifice 10% of your stack when Hive was trading at 10k sats to power down instantly?

Reward long-term holders and punish short-term speculators. Instead of burning the 10%, what if that 10% went back to HP holders? So when Hive pumps, lots of people sacrifice 10% to cash out. The ones that stayed should be rewarded greater by the system. We don't need extra inflation for rewards, a simple exit tax.

The tax can be opt-in or opt-out. Users who want to sacrifice some security for more freedom can do so under the system.

Similar to the mechanism coins like SAFEMOON use to distribute funds back to holders, with the difference that it's optional and only put on powerdown - trading, transfering, etc. is all still free.

You can vote for nearly any combination of these options within the poll.

If this poll reaches consensus, I kindly ask the Hive core-devs to accept the wish of the people and include the change within HF25. We don't have another 6 months to waste.

  • Reduce to 4 weeks

  • Reduce to 4 weeks AND 10% burn mechanism

  • Keep 13 weeks AND 10% burn mechanism

  • Keep 13 weeks - NO CHANGES

Answer the question at dpoll.xyz.

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