Building a desk (standing desk): Idea and history

Hello everybody

I will build a desk in this series, but first something about the idea and history behind it.

The history

I've always found a desk to be ridiculous and superfluous on the desk. Until the point in time when I suffered from circulatory disorders and also had problems with my back (spine). From here on I realized that I had to change something in my home office as well as in the office, and I came across the standing desk or the desk.
Which ensures that you do not sit crooked behind the desk, but stand and do something good for the spine as well as against circulatory disorders.
So exactly what you need.

Now the question arises to buy or build yourself ?!

Since my employer does everything for the health of his employees, I ask if it is possible to buy a desk. The answer was as follows:

Good idea, if I can present a corresponding Artest for my two "clinical pictures", in which the necessity is certified, that is no problem.
This is precisely what I cannot deliver, because my doctors certify the illnesses and also advise taking appropriate measures, but they do not state exactly these measures.

I'm just saying what a bureaucracy. I could "fight" it now, but that would take a lot of time. So I build it myself, trying to keep it mobile and I also want to keep an eye on the cost factor.

my idea

Since I am technically gifted, it should work.

My guidelines are now as follows;

  • Mobile, mobile at any time
  • easy construction
  • light weight
  • inexpensive - under € 50
  • natural material



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