Laphroaig 10yo: To Separate Boys And Men

Colour: Old Gold

Nose: Medicinal, Smoke, Seaweed, Drives away Friend and Foe

Taste: Smoke, Salt, Lukewarm Fireplace, Drinking Medicin

Finish: Long, getting hit by an ashtray by a long forgotten lover

This whisky is not for the boys. You need to be a man to drink it. 10 years ago, the time the whisky you can buy today was distilled, I wouldn't have touched this drink with a stick. I was a Speyside man. A boy.

But in 2010 a friend and myself, we visited Islay on our yearly whisky trail. He was already an Islay lover. For me, the landscape and knowing this distillery changed my perception of its taste.
Yes it hits you. The first sip is hard to endure. But it is worth it. You will taste all that is lovly about Islay. The sea, the wind, the landscape. Peat and Salt. Nice fellas, nicer women.

It is said, that during the prohibition in USA, this whisky was the only allowed alcohol, because customs opened a bottle, smelled it and decided, this cannot be something one can enjoy, it smells so horrible, it must be medicine.
But this could be a simple tale, the company guide in the distillery told us, because, well, you are usually already tipsy, when on such a tour and waiting anxiously for the tasting part.
As a landowner and landlord for Laphroiag, I am entitled for one bottle a year, free of charge, to be picked up in person at the distillery.

This whisky is for all opportunities. When you have something to celebrate, a big victory, slaying an old foe. Birth of your family heir. Death of a dear friend.
It accompanies you in good and bad.

But abstain from it, when in company of the weaker sex. The Ladies will not enjoy such a tasteful drink. Better just to tell them your adventures and stick to it after your adventure with them.

Now tell me, did you drink this heavenly still yet?

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