80% Why YOU need to know it!

Do you know why 80% is important?

Why YOU need to know it?

Very simple: It takes 5 days to recharge your Resource Credits from 0 - 100%. That means, if you spend 20% of your fully charged Resource Credits, the very next day it will be back up to 100%

Reminds you a little bit of your voting power, right? Same concept! Only, when you drain your Resource Credits, you can't perform any transactions. It's like when users used to get visited by the "Bandwidth Monster" lol Remember how every transaction was prohibited? It's the same exact thing with your Resource Credits.

So the Rule of 80!

Everyday, you should be limiting your interaction to around that 80% number, so that each day, you can recharge back up to 100%. What does that look like for the brand new user?

Let's take a look at this new user account!

Everyone can check their gauges at www.steemd.com/@username - and put YOUR username after the @

You can see approximately how many comments you can make with your remaining percentage of Resource Credits. Here, this user has approximately 38 comments (which are posts also) until their 100% is drained. So should they use 38 comments/posts in one day? No, not unless they want to take their RC to zero. So, divide that number by 5 - in order to give you your ONE DAY approximate usage.

So here - this user can use approximately 7 comments/posts for the day.

What does a comment look like?

After testing it, we saw that it seems to be about two standard-sized sentences. If you use four standard-sized sentences, the system will view that as the same usage as 2 comments. So - if you are verbose with your comments, you might want to be careful under the new guidelines. It's important to CHECK your RCs before, and after! Each comment has a transaction fee associated with it as well. Get into the habit of knowing how much your writing "costs" you in RCs so that you can stay on top of this!

What about posting?

Posting is like a longer comment. So, again, if you have been enjoying posting very long posts each day - you might want to keep an eye on how this affects your RCs! Have fun, interact, comment - but just keep an eye on your usage so you don't find your account drained.

What can you do to boost your RCs?

There is talk about larger accounts being able to delegate RCs to smaller accounts in the future, but currently - the only way to boost your RCs is to earn them or buy them, or to have someone delegate SP to your account. (A delegation of SP will boost your voting mana and your resource credits.)

I hope this helps ALL you newbies out there! Welcome Wagon staff have been testing, pushing, talking, arguing (haha) - all in the hopes that newbies will have the absolute BEST way to continue to enjoy the SOCIAL aspects of our beloved Steemit! We will keep you informed as we are informed of any new tips and tricks to get the best usage out of your accounts!

As long as we're here to help, you'll have all the help we can offer!

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