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Good morning guys,

Heads up!

Only for single foreigners aged 50 to 60 years old. But first of all, I ask permission if I can post a photo like this here on the hive. blog? Please be patient, my friends, because I have thought of another site to help my friend find the perfect relationship. This is my sexy and 28 years old beautiful Shiela Ann she is looking for a serious relationship that is willing to be humble and reliable. I don't know his vital statistic, hehe, it's up to you to decide what her vital statistic is.

Because this is how it is, this friend of mine really wants to have a relationship with foreigners and it's not just his dream to go abroad to earn a living. But the course of life has changed I also don’t know why? He really dreams of having a relationship with a foreigner, not what they have, if not just to fulfill his dream of helping his family.

I hope whoever there is reliable is not the one who lies because the one who lies will be with the family. What my friend is looking for is single so you can't make him a hooker This girl is kind and tender and most of all she is not the type of woman who seems to be nothing. He will really take care of the lucky man.

So what are you waiting for single foreigners 50 to 60 years old and willing to stay in the Philippines wither and make one big happy family with her?

If they are serious men, just comment in the comment box so I can convey your grievances or you can send a direct message to her Facebook account Shiela Ann Mozo, her profile pic is on the floating cartage in a sexy swimsuit.

Thank you and have a good day ahead!

#Just a reminder to my friends that you are serious about relationships and singles...

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