Government good? Compared to what?

What if every time someone mentions government being good in some way we respond with, “Compared to what?”

The bar is pretty low considering the starting point is elaborate ceremonies to write down decrees which specify exactly how you will be threatened with lethal force or caged, in some cases for completely victimless “crimes.” Also, all the people that work for the organization along with all the “good” things (and the bad things such as the F35) that are done are paid for with money involuntarily taken (yes, taxation is theft) from you. The accountability and waste is terrible and far from transparent. This is what happens when you spend other people’s money. On top of that, the organization has just a handful hundred people or so meant to effectively lead 300 million people and the process to pick them for leadership is kind of a “you can have any color you want as long as it’s red or blue” type thing. They also print trillions of dollars in what would otherwise (if not for the aforementioned threats of violence) be the largest Ponzi shitcoin scam ever.

So yeah, compared to what?

I get this will trigger some people becuase coginitive dissonance is a bitch, and they’ve never actually known anything else, and they haven’t worked in non-violent, global consensus systems like I have.

I think we can, over time, do better with DACs and DAOs that use blockchain smart contracts for transparency and consistency along with cryptocurrencies where the monetary policy is clear and less political. Maybe all interactions can be voluntary and localized.

It’s an idea anyway. Let’s keep building and see what happens.

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