DRONE-FLYING MASTER: Got my new roommate to join Steemit, because his videos are insane!

I found my new roommate because we both like making videos, but his skills are off the charts! Check this out!


After telling him how great Steemit was for several weeks, I finally got him to create an account @jeyjey, but I'm not sure he will ever come to post anything there. A big reason is that I advised him that he should not just post videos, but write stories with them like I like to do (people always like the backstory, right?).

However, he's from Kurdistan, and although he speaks English well in my opinion, he isn't so fond of writing English, and we mostly communicate in Norwegian. That's all understandable, but this last video he made was so good, so I thought I could at least guest-post for him once to show it off and show him how great Steemit is!

Who knows, maybe it will inspire him to give it a shot here.

He dreams of making films for a living, so if you happen to see this, please take a couple minutes to check out this beautifully-made video, drop a comment for @jeyjey, and upvote to show him what Steemit is all about. I'll be sure he reaps the rewards if this post happens to go anywhere.

Without further ado, check this out!

If you are interested in seeing more, click here and subscribe to his YouTube channel!

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