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Good day!

I and my friend we have been vaccinated by the second dozed #sinovac. And by the mercy of God, nothing bad has happened to us, against and hopefully disappear the spreading disease that if we call is COVID-19.

But before everything starts, we pray to the Lord that you will guide us frontliners and that you will embrace the people who have lost hope to clear their minds that God is alive, and he is always watching over all the work in our lives.
I know. It is said to the elderly that it is not safe to get vaccinated?. Because there are rumors in the news that many die from the vaccine. But I ignore them. because what else if we don't get vaccinated? to bring pain to our family? and that's what I don't want to do because in fact, you are the one who brought them disaster.

So I don't hesitate to get vaccinated, because I really love my family and most of all the people who come to me. I want them to be safe with me when they approach me. So what are you guys waiting for ''HIVE'' let's heal as one?
Just wait my friends, this is my partner in all duties, he is also a rescuer and frontliner just like me. The older brother of @mrnightmare is kind and helpful to my teammates no matter what operation we are always together through thick and thin.

We work in the same Municipality but I am in the Municipal Treasurer's office and my friend '' ambo '' his nickname his office is in OMAS or Office of the Municipal Agriculture. We are only together when the operation is the DRR team because we are members of the Municipal Emergency Response Team or (MERT), This also includes serving as a frontliner of covid-19.
I and my friend after the vaccination. This is because after being vaccinated under monitoring the nurses for 30 minutes, they will take our blood pressure every 15 minutes. So after 30 minutes under monitoring, we immediately took a picture for documentation to show everyone that it is safe to get vaccinated.
Thank you for visiting here in my article and hopefully, we can work together so COVID-19 is avoided #WE HEAL AS ONE!

Thank you

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