What does your path look like?

While I was on my trip to Southern Utah in May we did a lot of hiking (my pedometer says 36 miles in the 6 days). I saw the paths in front of me in a new way and thought how all these different paths and trails are symbolic for the different paths, trails and roads people take in life or are on at different times in their life.

What is your path like?

Paths of Southern Utah
(Zion, Bryce and Calf Creek Falls)

Fun Imagination Game

As I was out hiking and taking pictures of paths I also thought of a fun psychological game my sister and I would play with our friends on long road trips to get to know them better.

Answer these questions and I will tell you what it says about you. :)

Describe your dream house. As you are walking up to it what do you see? Take me inside, what is it like?

Now we are going to the back of your house and there is a path.

Describe the path? Is it long or short? straight or curvy? What is your path like?

As we walk along the path we come to chest.

Describe what is in the chest.

We continue on the path and come to a source of water and you want a drink.

What is your drinking utensil? Use three adjectives.

We wander a bit further and come to a body of water.

Describe the body of water, what is it like? Use three adjectives.

Now we come to an obstacle on the path.

What is the obstacle? Can you get over it?

If, you can get past the obstacle what is on the other side?

If you want to play put your answers in comment below.

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