To Porcfest from Colorado 2

Sunrise over Milford State Park. This is such a beautiful place I could definitely see just coming here to camp. My travel buddy booked campgrounds across the country to and from. I would never have thought to do this. It was 10 miles from the highway and probably around $ nice.


I bought this used specialized mountain bike last minute off Craigslist so I can get around the campground in NH. I have a volunteer job in mornings to run this meeting a half mile from my camp so I figured it’s time to get a bike...


My friend gave me these screens for my windows so I can have bugless air

Last night Amanda loaned me this privacy windshield thing

and here’s my back window curtain attached with tiny powerful magnets...

Once again- the Porcfest- Porcupine Freedom Festival is where I am going to meet folks from Autonomy that I have been talking to online for the last 6 months. Link below to check it out

I did receive an apprenticeship with autonomy for multimedia skill building-

Porcfest is at the Freestate Project


And here’s a link to the most important thing I found out in Autonomy about myself


That I am a trauma survivor- and not one that does well with it- as so many do... my life is a broken mess because of it - but hopefully this is my chance now to put myself together again- with God’s help...

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