bags made with bags of cement from thailand

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wowfakta Thai cement bags sold as high fashion accessories in Europe shocked citizens, especially Thai citizens. Moreover, the cheap sack is priced at 240 US dollars or about Rp 3 million more after converted into a bag.

Launching from Coconuts, on February 25 a Thai Facebook page shared a photo of a bag on display through that window. According to the paper, the bag of cement that has become a bag was sold in Germany.
"My friend in Germany sent me these photos, they look very familiar, the cement bags in Thailand have been made into products sold in malls, people love them and think their bags are very chic."
Although the cement bag was made in Thailand, the seller claimed that they got the product from the Cambodians. The product itself is combined with leather from Italy and sold by the Swiss company Elephbo.

According to the Elephbo site, they recycle cement bags in Cambodia to produce high quality products and contribute to the environment, and provide a better livelihood for local people. However, citizens question the copyright and the price is too expensive.
"The design is beautiful, but what about the copyright of the bag of cement?" Asked a citizen.
"I'm not sure they really empower the locals with what they make," wrote another.

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