Our trip to Scheveningen (NL) - fully crypto financed


I want to tell you a short story:

Three months ago, I gave a friend and his dad a good tip about a coin to invest. I have not so much money that I was able to jump into it, too - but the dad of my friend invested a big amount.

After 3 months, they gained about 250% profit!

So they decided to kidmap me to a two-day-trip to Scheveningen (Netherlands) as kind of a 'gift' for the investment advice. I was really really happy and honored by that. They said that they made so much gains that they want to fully invite me and they pay everything.

Since I am kinda humble, I first didn't want to accept it. But after a long discussion, they convinced me to say "yes"!

So we started on a Friday in the morning. The journey took about 2,5 hours. It was very foggy! Almost unable to see 100 meters. But anyways, we had awesome weather for October (18 degrees celsius).

We could only check in at the hotel past 15 o clock - so we went to the beach first and breakfasted there:


There are a lot of beach clubs and bars in Scheveningen (the beach is literally made of beach clubs).

We picked one and I ate some fish - yummy - and we drank some beer and cocktails (at 1 pm lol).

After a few hours and a lot of walks next to the sea, we went to the hotel at evening and checked in. It was a pretty good hotel ("Fletcher's").

In the evening we decided to go out for dinner again and drank some more cocktails.

Afterwards, my friend and me walked next to the water at night (I love the sound) and I smoked a joint 😄

There I was able to took some pictures:



The night was kinda bad since it was very hot (didn't know how the fck I set up the air conditioning lol).

At the morning we checked out and went to the beach again:


Since the weather was good (18 degrees celsius) we decided to go swimming. Besides the fact of the air temperature, it was really (!) cold in the sea 😄
Just take a look at my hands afterwards:


I almost didn't feel them anymore lol. But after 15 minutes or so, my blood circulation was normalized.

We took some Churros in the evening and went back to Germany then.

It was a very nice short trip - we all really enjoyed!

And the best: This trip was 100% financed by cryptocurrencies!
The dad of my friend sent the gain to his crypto debit card (I think it was crypto.com) and payed everything by card.

Pretty cool feeling!

Also, one waitress of a beach club noticed that we paid with crypto and told us that he is mining Bitcoin too. Very cool!

I hope you enjoyed this short article about our "crypto vacation"!

Did you also finance a holiday or something else by cryptos only, yet?

Let me know!

Have a nice week



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