Long Weekend Break - 2nd post.

Long Weekend Break - 2nd post.


Yesterday I wrote a post, Long Weekend Break and that we were invited to a wedding in the town of Mosselbay. We were very lucky, that the father of the bride paid for our accommodation at a place named Seeplaas, which if translated means Sea Farm. I was wondering where the name came from as this is not a farm at all, perhaps it is a historic name that stuck.

The accommodation was great and had a beautiful sea view. On the photo above, you can see my wife on the King size bed!!


On the outside there was a very nice deck, which overlooks the ocean.


The finish of the walls were rustic, but it looked great, here my lovely wife is posing against the rough wall for a beautiful photo.


All to soon the sun started setting, which resulted in some amazing views!! The wedding was the next day and also took place at the same venue where we were staying - I will write some more about this in the coming days.


I hope you liked the post as much as I liked writing it.

I hope you have a wonderful day!!

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