Top 10 Sights of Ireland: #7 - Coolanowle Country House | Adventure Every Day

I'm back to my Ireland Top 10 countdown and thought I'd do this one a bit differently with a DTube submission.

So here is a quick video from my #7 location, the Coolanowle Country House. This was a countryside manor that we stayed at on our first night, out in the lush green expanses of County Laois southwest of Dublin:


Here we encountered a working dairy farm, complete with a herd of shy kittens that you might spot in the video if you watch closely, and at least one friendly chicken roaming the grounds. The property had nice green spaces, walking trails, forested areas and cabins - a truly peaceful spot.

While I certainly would recommend a visit to this particular spot if you get the chance, I also include it in the list as a more conceptual item, that of the countryside experience. It's often easy to visit places and stick to the more worn paths of the cities and coasts, but going inward to the heartland gives a whole different perspective. Equally beautiful, but especially charming and authentic.

Join me next time as we head to a more frequently visited yet equally charming and essentially Irish location!

Also check out the #culturevulture contest put on by Irish Steemian himself @eroche if you are interested in or write about anything having to do with travel, culture, art, food, etc. Head over to his blog to find out more.

Adventure Every Day started as a dream by two expats lost in Norway. It never amounted to much more than that, but the spirit lives on in our sporadic adventures. Keep adventuring my friends!

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