A look back at better times

Better times are sure to return soon. Until then, how about some looking back at better times?

A lot has changed since I last was active on here. Back in the start of 2019, I had big ambitions of traveling a lot and reviving the old blog. Well, suffice to say the traveling part happened, but the blogging part never came to fruition.

There were times in 2019 I felt like I was grinding so hard that I couldn’t keep going, but I managed to press forward at a vigorous pace for the most part of the year. I ended up making it to 25 countries, some of them multiple times. It all amounted to looking like this:


On the blog side, my ambitions crashed seemingly with the price of Steem. Oh well! I used to do this mostly just for fun anyways, and the accumulation of Steem was just secondary. Now that I’ve had a good, long reset and we’re stuck in a no-travel period of time, I thought it would be a good time to start going back through the good times of what turned out to be perhaps the wildest year of my life.

Day 1 of that year was spent as much of the year: on the road. Within my country of residence on this occasion, but far enough from the homestead in Oslo to hit the slopes at Geilo:


Technically, that photo was taken in 2018, but all it took was a few hours with a few good friends to get to this point:


And with that, 2019 was on!

Country count: 1

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