To Kill Mockingbird - Riding The Weekend Out Writing For My Life

Nice to have the 800 pound gorilla off my back.

Nice to have mainstream people back to work.

PizzaGate is real.


Kyle Clark at 9News in Denver knows this. So does his gang gang at 9News and the other networks in town. They are coordinated. These were interesting comms the same day I blockchain blog posted that Jeremy Jojola of the 9News cell in Denver misfired a PizzaGate bullet at my gorilla suit.

Let's dance, Kyle.

Everybody in town already sees you.

Antifa is real and Kyle knows it.

Though he likes to makes jokes sometimes...


This is the tweet that had me really looking at Kyle Clark closely as the conflicts in the streets of Denver spun up last spring. I accepted Denver News media as my sector in this information war. Sorting out the mockingbirds from the potential good guys was important to me. They are the Presidentially identified Enemy of the People and We all do what we can with what we have. That exact sentiment brings me to this weekend.

Chris Vanderveen is continuing to sit it out and report COVID fear porn every day.


Just a couple news guys doing what they are good at. And what they are told.

In this world of getting my story out while I still can, two prominent players in that story resurfaced this weekend. In big ways. After the murder in Denver of patriot Lee Keltner and the subsequent media attack on John "Tig" Tiegen here in Colorado it seems two heroes of mine have also had enough of the mockingbirds.

My heroes in this story are Joe Oltmann, prominent community leader and businessman, and Mark Hall, candidate for Parker Town Council. These men are both important and high profile voices for truth in Colorado.

Five months ago Mark Hall stood defiantly in front of Denver TV news crews that all there knew were going to make patriots enjoying a good time together in defiance of unconstitutional orders look bad. Maybe you remember...


This screenshot is taken from a pretty epic video that was taken from across the street by Joe Oltmann. His running commentary of Mr. Hall's actions was an inspiration and an explanation as to how the media is weaponized against the people. Mr. Oltmann was speaking my language.

As a result of that weekend I reached out and extended my admiration for them as well as the Tailgate Tavern and the entire evening in general. They are busy important men but they now had allies in the war against fake news. Allies that up to this writing they may not yet fully grasp.I sent them each a link to a truther piece I wrote in tribute to that evening and moved on down the making friends road.

Months passed and October was all about getting the @austinsteinbart story.

It was in the desert that I and my truthing brother @lukewinegarden got the news that a patriot had been killed in Denver and 9News was involved. My partner saw my distress to the point he recorded that moment with a photo and a promise that this day never be forgotten. My sorrow and anger made me miss in that moment what my friend did not...


We knew then our Truth or Bust 2020 mission was taking us away from the @austinsteinbart story temporarily and bringing us to Denver where a battle with Mockingbird seems imminent.

My fake news battling heroes are also stepping up in this effort.

The day after the murder of Lee Keltner in broad daylight under well framed camerawork...


And also this weekend Joe Oltmann came out and said publicly what many here in the Denver news market have been waiting for a Bruce Wayne type to say!


Influential public figures pointing directly at The Enemy of the People is now real.

So is the truthing community and anonymous community that are ready to stand against this Enemy. It is our credibility and the credibility of men like Mr. Oltmann and Mr. Hall that can end this. We can demand transparency and disclosure on all programs including Mockingbird and the entire intelligence-media complex. The information that is being gathered and put together while these obviously controlled media personnel continue to deny is enough to expose them to the few remaining people that do not already recognize mainstream media as a project of manipulaton and deceit.

I have reached out to both of these men to offer assistance in their efforts as well as inquire about trusted law enforcement officers that I could speak with. Both fringe political activists and high profile community leaders now know that we share a common enemy. It is time for We the People to come together to expose this Enemy and end it. I have a team already engaged in legal and creative methods of doing this. We are happy operating in the fringe and offer these services to those politically or professionally bound to stay away from the fringe.

Some of us are engaged in a hot war not yet acknowledged.

Some of us are already imprisoned under unconstitutional circumstances.

Some of us have friends and family that have been murdered.

They lied about PizzaGate.

They lied about Antifa.

They are now lying about Lee Keltner.

It is time for We the People to stand against Our Enemy.



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