Important Announcement! We have control of all Top Level Domains Including!


We have control of all Top Level Domains, Including!

There are still a few minor loose ends to tie up, but we can safely say that the main storm is over and passed us. We also now have control of our LEO tokens that were taken from us and our beneficiaries' rewards that have been taken historically.

Apologies for the loss of content. This issue has been fixed, and we are trying to recover the video links that were broken during an attack on our servers.

We are excited that the Speak Network white paper is imminent, and we are looking forward to the community's feedback so that we can improve it.

We are thankful to the following list of users for either being key to overcoming our recent attack from our ex-lead developer or for reaching out to help us.

@mcfarhat from @actifit

And a big thank you to the amazing HIVE community for its support!

You are the true heroes here!

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