First Weekly Report

It's been almost a week since I announced about Terrive ( 10 days to be exact ) . So here is a list of things that happened since then.

If you don't know about Terrive check out the about page.



The Login page has been improved ( like, a lot ).
Firstly Keychain logins have been added and all the transactions work flawlessly ( I hope ! ). I have to say that In some cases it works better than HiveSigner. So now the link to the about page has been moved down to the footer along with these new links - "Blog" ( link to Hive blog of Terrive ) and "support" ( supporting the project with 1HBD ).

Google indexing the website.

The title says It all, the Terrive website Is now indexed in Google ( Click here to see Terrive in Google ).

I mean can you even believe this, it's just been a week and It's already indexed.

Don't search for Terrive website on Google though because Google's autocorrect is ... umm... terrible i guess.


Along with this I have added a bunch of Open Graph meta. If you have no idea what this means don't worry, all It means Is that now you get a nice image and a description when you share the link to Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and the like.

Say Hi to the first two users

No of postsUsernameLink to First Post
8@unkleboneheadLink to Post
1@eldrichspigLink to Post

Hey πŸ‘‹ guys !!! Welcome to Terrive !!!

Special thanks to @unklebonehead for his support and help.

Image proxying

One of the things slowing down the website was the load time of images. So all the Images on the Terrive website are now proxied through Hive's ImageHoster. If you still feel that the Terrive website is a bit slow it's because it's hosted on IPFS , So the more number of pins and views It has the faster it is.

If your IPFS videos are too slow please consider pinning your videos on multiple servers

Extended time for Videos

Due to practicality issues with the 30 second limit for the short videos the time has been extended to 60 seconds .

Future development

Don't take this In the wrong way as long as there are there people posting, voting and commenting on the Terrive website i will happily continue to maintain and update Terrive. But do keep in mind that even though I work on Terrive almost every day I do have to take care of things on my side of the screen too ( I'm not talking about love, don't bully me ) so there might be times when I have to lay low for a few weeks. So please be patient until the next update ☺️.

Contributing ( relax you don't have to vote for me as a witness or anything πŸ˜‰ )

I'm not a witness so right now what you could help with this project should be :

  • Promoting

    Please promote Terrive if you like this project. Any help with driving more traffic to the Terrive website is appreciated.

  • Donations

    Like I said before I am happy to continue working on Terrive as long as there is good interaction. But I do want this project to stand on its own feet. So please consider sending just 1 or 2 HBD to @terrive (Link). The aim is not to make money but to turn Terrive into a community run project.

  • Code

    I am not a dev officially so If you are a dev please go through the code (Link) and help me out a little.

If have suggestions for the nickname for this release please comment

Hint : the nickname of the initial release was Dawn

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