Short thoughts from a dental room

Today I went to the dentist. I know, that's not a big story to post about, but as always, whenever I have time to think, I let my mind wander wherever it feels like.

I'm waiting for @tanianuc to finish her dental cleaning and, since you can't chat while doing so, I found myself with a little bit more than half an hour free to browse memes or write on Hive. Guess which one won.


Personally, I'm convinced most of our diseases and illnesses could be prevented and cured by keeping a healthy lifestyle, excercising daily, eating properly and trying out natural remedies, but dental care is not one of them. Of course, eating healthy foods and avoiding carbs and sugar can and will help out our teeth, but those yearly dental cleanses and the occasional doctor visit to early fix cavities and such are necessary to mantain a good denture set.

I don't like coming to the dentist though, I think it's overpriced and a little bit overrated but hey, I wanna try and keep my teeth until I'm 70, at least while I'm able to.

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