Today's Sunset - 26022020


I know you shouldn't be taking picture when you're driving but yea... it's a waste if I don't take a picture of the sunset hiding behind the cloud showing some rays out of it. I've notice that I would get such sunset hiding behind the cloud at this particular stretch of highway always, not sure is a coincidence or just the angle of view. Miss the sunset view I can get from Kota Kinabalu, my hometwon which is just right across the South China Sea which I can proudly say it has one of the most beautiful sunset that can be found in the world.


Here's one of the shot that @joannewong took back in Chinese New Year, credit to her for the picture. I'll be sure to go back next year for sunset again 😃 during Chinese New Year and hopefully Corona virus will die down by the time, as traveling is kinda risky now.

Thanks for reading, have a coming good weekend as we're almost nearing it again. See you in next post!

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