Hi There, Is it me you've been looking for

Gday everyone.

So I disappeared again, got a new job, life went mental. But with the dodgy COVID crap I'm back to working from home again.

Hopefully that means at least for the next few months I can get back to posting a lot more regularly again. I certainly do miss it.

One bit of news that you would have missed out on, is that I've started 2 new businesses and launched a new brand to capture it all.
So Empire Coaching is my new personal success and wellness coaching brand. Its been taking off lately, and I've even launched my own ebook.
Empire Social is a social media engagement platform that I'm working on with a friend. This one is still in its infancy and is ready to explode onto the market.

I'm looking forward to catching up with what all the regulars have been up to on here, I for 1 wasn't happy to see the whole Tron dilema happen, but its great to see a new platform launch time a good team behind it.


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