The world is complicated someone is suffering someone is buying a new brand car!

Hello Steemians Good evening today i have realized that in this world we need to have a good heart and help needy people in this world for supporting them to achieve their goals in their lives.
Today in my community they chase a child out of school because she don't have a pen imagine is that really a good thing you see!
At the time i have some small money and give it to her, the she appreciate for that and she said God bless you abundantly!
But in deep of my heart am feeling joyful because of that and a day moved well on my side!
So encourage all of people in this community to stand with me to help children's in my community because more they don't have scholastic materials, food, and all basic needs in life you know!
So support one be bless millions of blessings.
God bless you has you help and support this children's in my community!
And i thank someone who bring #nobol it also have helped many children's in community may the almighty God bless you all who come up with that idea. IMG_20191016_095405330.jpg

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