SunThursday Contest #27 - Golden Sunset !!

Do you ever get bored of looking at sunsets, well I don't know about you but I certainly don't it's become addictive to me when that time of the day comes along, I am marking my way out the door so I can get to that beach on time so, to see and capture that beautiful sunset unfolding from the start to till it's totally almost gone dark and this, I love doing no matter what part of the world, I am in whether, I am holidaying on a tropical island or near a beach in some corner of the world the "Sunset Chaser" will make sure, I bring them to you. Sunsets for me have become a source of inspiration, if I am not there to see that sunset going home, I feel my day hasn't been completed seeing that sunset before darkness sets in, gives me that sense of weightless mind, all my stress and troubles go down with the sunset and I am ready to start another day. Here is another beautiful golden sunset from the island far away in Asia.




I really loved this golden color sunset with the slashes of blue sky still showing in the background as, it was sinking behind that island, I was feeling the peacefulness in my inner soul and then as it disappeared behind that island, it just gave out it's last burst of golden energy and set the whole sky on fire just amazing mother nature was just another amazing sunset seen 🌞





#sunthursday by @uwelang

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