Fiery Sunset Close Up !!

Hi @uwelang thank you for hosting this amazing contest and hope you are feeling better, great to see you back. The other evening I was jogging along my home town beach in Byron Bay it was about 6.30 pm the day had been a hot one with beautiful blue skies but by the evening a few thick streaks of clouds started to appear, which I welcome the clouds into a sunset it always changes the characteristics and moods of the scenery as with the clouds they play a major roll in hiding the sun in between the clouds and give the whole sunset a different look of textural colors. I thought with this sunset I would do something different by zooming in as much as I could without complete distortion, just to see the effects and also photography the sunset in steps till the sun completely disappeared behind those mountains.




I thought the presents of these massive thick clouds the 99% zooming in and the peeping sun reflection across the ocean bed was the perfect combinations for this awesome sunset. Another successful masterpiece painted by Mother Nature 🌞




#sunthursday edition #24 by @uwelang