A secret video filming session for Mother’s Day

Yesterday - as a surprise for my wife - I set up a filming space at my office to interview my kids.


I interviewed them on camera about their mum and the things they love about her. All for Mother’s Day ❤️

I asked them things like ‘What’s the best thing about mummy?’ and ’What’s her favourite animal?’ and ’How much do you love her?’

I’ll be honest though; it really wasn’t easy. They didn’t want to answer those kind of questions

I had to resort to strawberry lace sweets to get them to talk and warm them up.
They were giving one word answers with no enthusiasm and didn’t seem to care.

Then suddenly my youngest got really chatty - then they both wouldn’t stop performing for the camera and saying fun things!

I took the footage away not feeling too great about it, then secretly edited it last night. It was well worth the late night.

I’m pleased to say the edit turned out GREAT and is a really fun 5 minutes. My wife LOVED it.
I look forward to watching this back in 5 years time and seeing how much they have changed.

What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
Mother’s Day has been a success :)

Cheers for reading, @ashtv.

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