A scarily fun afternoon

A quick one today about our special day filming with the kids!

At our office, me and @jackshootstuff, along with all four of our combined kids, had some ace fun filming standup jokes, skits and sketches!


It was Jack’s idea to have them doing stuff in front of the greenscreen, in which he would then show them the magic of editing by putting them against different backgrounds with sound effects!

Here is my T, doing a skeleton joke (obviously) ily fun


We had two big bags full of props and costumes - the kids LOVED it and the jokes section was really funny.

I think my favourite was Jacks youngest (5) running in to frame with an AK-47 shouting ‘Everyone down, this is a robbery!’ 😂

I genuinely look forward to watching that final piece.

Great times can be had through Covid it seems 🤪
A #sublimesunday it absolutely was.

Cheers for reading, @ashtv.

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