Hive Philippines Street Photography #272 - by Allmonitors

#272 - A pleasant day again my beloved Hiveans. My son who is in grade seven has finally completed all the pending requirements at school and he is good to moving up. We sometimes go out every other day for a few kilometers walk to stretch our bodies and sweat out the toxins building in the body. Walking is considered good for the health to keep the muscles alive and well. This is also one way of keeping our sanity out of these ongoing restrictions implemented by the government.

Talking about walking, that is the main requirement for streetphotography so you not only exercise the muscles, you also captured street scenes by the lens. Raw and there is no second chances.

Moving on, this is the first shot taken in the city of pines. An elderly man wipes of his forehead after removing his hat. I believe he is out for an early walk to the park nearby where other elderly people also frequently go to for morning walks.


While walking I noticed an old structure, a two storey building which looks like a residential and commercial type wherein residents lives at the second floor while the ground floor is being rented for commercial purpose. I saw this all CAPS sign saying the property is not for sale ever!😅 The owner may have been irritated already of inquiries if they will sell the dilapidated structure.

Here we have a blurry shot of a man walking while holding his bag in front and also his umbrella as protection from the pouring rain. I don't know what happened here, I think I prematurely pushed the capture button while the sensor is still focusing.

I was supposed to be a giant trying to separate this two towers of the cathedral but the shot taken by my wife is too close.😁

Lastly,a scene of people at one of the entrance of the park called Burnham park. The entrance is facing the city hall so that might be northern entrance? Some of the people are ascending while some descend going to the park for some adventure and sight seeing and also for food. I recommend their strawberry flavored taho or soft tofu which is served hot.

Follow me on my street travels.
Shot taken in Baguio City, Philippines.

Image/s were shot using Panasonic Lumix ZS110. ~rex