Hive Philippines Street Photography #271 - by Allmonitors

#271 - A wonderful day once again my fellow Hiveans! Positive vibes is in the air because as of this writing Bitcoin price breaks $40k and let us hope it stays that way for good and never look back below 40k😊 ever again. Well, that is just my optimism kicking in.

Now back to the topic, allow me once again to share my street shots in colors. These were taken in different locations from the northern part of the country. We have here a matured man walking in the pedestrian lane of the road, he make sure that the road is clear of vehicles before walking in.

Just behind are elementary students on their way to school. Noticed that they are not in uniform which is pretty much the case in rural areas. Three decades ago, this is the same thing we do going to school😁. Just walk with our slippers and shorts and t-shirt, what a memory this scene brings back. This shot is is Mountain Province.


Moving on is a shot in Ifugao particularly in Banaue wherein a man walking holding two bags in his hands and also wearing a backpack. He is looking at the small stalls just beside the road.

A middle aged woman brisk walks on the side on the road, looks like she is in a hurry. On her left is a small store that sells different kinds of fruits like banana and oranges even vegetables too.

These are the typical types of concrete houses built on the sides of the mountains in Ifugao. There are also lots of laundry hanging waiting to dry. And the electric wirings and all over the place.

This man sits on a concrete while he plays mobile game installed in his phone. The sun is rising when this shot is taken. We are at the port waiting for a boat and so as he is also waiting for his boat to ride in Real Quezon.

Follow me on my street travels.
Shot taken in different locations of the Philippines.

Image/s were shot using Panasonic Lumix ZS110. ~rex