Side mirror shows the other side

Their is no day that we won't see our selves in a mirror, am I right? 😊

Mirrors are part of our daily needs. We face on the mirror to see our looks on how we dressed ourselves before we leave in our houses.

So today, I use the mirror to capture a photos of the people who passed through the sidewalk.

I was waiting for @flordecar26 at right side of the street. Flor was on the line to pay up their electric bill. And while waiting for her, I looked at the side mirror of my motorcycle and noticed this people passing through the sidewalk. Take a look...

Two woman are standing and talking, don't know what they are talking about. 😊

And a girl is in a hurry walking, may be is after for something.

Until the sidewalk was empty and only the gate of the house and trees can be seen.

That's all for now, thank you for your time reading this post.

Hope you are all good and safe.

God bless...


Picture was captured using my Huawei Nova 3i

My aptitude in photography. If you like the photos I shared feel free to upvote and reblog my post. Thank you!!!😉🙏

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