Stoic Musings - Part 1


As I had mentioned previously, I've been devoting a fair bit of time while I'm traveling to reading works of stoicism.
Initially I had thought it was some kinda magic voodoo stuff, as I really knew nothing about it. But being the open minded person I am, I figured I should read a bit of it. Needless to say I'm kinda hooked.

The purpose of this series is to break down some of the most relevant passages into very small bite sized chunks and leave you with something to ponder.

If you like this format, I may consider doing videos of the discussions as well.

So here's Episode 1.

Marcus Aurelius wrote:

"Waste no more time argueing about what a great man should be; BE ONE"

This passage perfectly describes the human flaw of procrastination. Taken in its most literal sense, he's discussing philosophical men that ponder the qualities of a man rather than living those qualities.
But if you break it down to the realm of human success be it in business or just life in general, so many people waste days/weeks/months planning how to do something rather than just getting up and doing it for fear of failure.

So instead of thinking and dreaming, its best to start doing. As only from doing can you ever truly learn and succeed.


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