"Hey Siri, How Much Is One Hive ?"

If you think that's interesting, and have an iPhone, Ipad or Mac, that's for you.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Teaching Siri to provide you crypto prices is very easy.
Crypto Pro is an app I've discovered a while ago, that allows you to create Siri Shortcuts directly from the app settings.


You can choose many different cryptocurrencies. In this case, I'll choose Hive.


Why it's useful?

I decided to stop checking crypto prices all the time, specially when I am done with trading. I just set my alarms and use Siri to check Hive price whenever I am feeling curious.


You can create your own question to Siri, since "How much is one Hive" to "Check Hive Price, b****".

I end up checking the price less often and in consequence, get less distracted during the day.

Give it a try,
Have fun!

The future is awesome.

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