Awareness and appreciation of drinking water in our community


As a professor of environmental education at the Experimental South Lake University "Jesús María Semprum" (UNESUR), I try to create the ideal environment for my students to create and develop plans in which they can carry out socio-environmental projects, especially so that they are taken to the communities and given answers to these communities in the different problems that arise in them.

It is for this reason that through this publication he presented a proposal model, and at the same time the results of the awareness project that was carried out in the parish of El Moralito, municipality of Colón del Estado Zulia - Venezuela, which seeks to sensitize the inhabitants of the aforementioned community on the subject of saving water resources, especially in the case of drinking water.

What are you looking to solve with these awareness plans?

If we are aware we must know that it is a millionaire of money that is invested worldwide to have access to drinking water, however all this expense is not enough for the large amount of water consumed worldwide. If we are mathematically aware about water consumption, we can say that if a person consumes an average of 100 liters per day, 1000 cubic meters per person per year is needed. With these data we can estimate the amount with which we can begin to solve the problems of generating drinking water, however it can be said that with 500 cubic meters of water per year you can have a water security, but they are indexes that vary greatly in each country, and even within them. With the necessary evaluation on all these calculations, we can ask ourselves the following question:

What are the big problems for everyone to have that basics of 1500 cubic meters of water?

We must begin by deducting that the demand is not only water, but there are other elements that the human being demands, and these elements in turn require water, so that the water calculations per person still fall short. Among the elements that man demands are: food, cities and energy.

  • Food within their production ranges demand a large amount of water, this demand goes from their crops, crops and processing.

  • The cities, the urban environment in which we live and within the most daily activities demand water which, together with what is needed with the production of food, is enough to start worrying.

  • Finally, it is important to count the quantity of water that is needed for the generation of energy, if this quantity is combined with the amount needed to produce food, what the cities demand, and what is needed to generate energy, we would then have to add the amount It is used per person for the most common expenses that we all know. In conclusion it seems an expense not very easy to cover.

Not being able to cover with this great demand of water, the most convenient thing would be to raise awareness plans to save water, which for these times and for the beginning and end of the XXII century would exceed the quantities with which we are currently barely producing.

Community proposal

From the aforementioned, the awareness project for the saving and valorisation of drinking water in the Moralito community arises,

With the fundamental objective of promoting a culture of water resource assessment, in which it has been possible to plan different activities, among which:

"Campaign of awareness on the importance of the Water Resource, through the elaboration and diffusion of informative material and of sensitization to the population."

Activities for the development of the project

  • Production of informative material about the origin and purification process of water (Distribution and information).

  • Posting posters on the streets of the El Moralito community, to teach and give examples of good water use.

  • Publications on social networks with a text in the photo supporting this campaign.

Resources and materials

  • Human Resources: Teachers, students and community.

  • Material Resources: Bond paper, card printing, poster printing, network advertising.

Delivery of informative material to the El Moralito community

Posters placed strategically for the community, and that in this way can get more information to people

Spreading the message through social networks

Reference consulted

Environmental Engineering Book. J. Glynn Henry and Gary W. Heinke. Pearson Editorial. Mexico, 1999

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