TSP: Interview w/SteemPress Co-Founder @fredrikaa

The @steempress Team has released several important updates lately from their roadmap and growth strategy for onboarding the masses to today's post about their new referral system, guest accounts, and website improvements. That's why we thought today would be the perfect time to release our recent interview with @fredrikaa.

In this 16 minute interview @fredrikaa talks about their goal to onboard the WordPress blogs and websites that make up 30% of the internet. They plan to accomplish this by providing a unique and compelling product and creating an onboarding process that is easy and effortless for new users and their audiences. @fredrikaa believes there are 4 key factors to achieving this, namely; exposure, conversion, retention and network effect.

Audio only version


@steempress is a 50% beneficiary on this post. Special thanks to @fredrikaa for coming on the show!

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