Steempeak review: Posting info

Recently I was reminded about why Steempeak is so great. There are great formatting tools and then cool extras like word count and read time that are a great addition to our blogging experience.

Read time

The Art Talk post I just shared is super informational and pretty long. It features many works of art by Henry Moore that were in the New York Botanical Garden. Each day as I added more to the post I also noticed the read time increased. As you can see it ended up being a 7 min read. This is good to know for me, and I think especially great for those that are going to read the post so they can decide if they want to read it right away or to bookmark it for later.

Read time is such a cool feature @steempeak!

As a reader I did this for @photovisions amazing post about Norway this morning. I can now go back and take time to really read and comment on his post... and save it in my Norway bookmark collection.

Word count

I find word count most helpful for contests like @czechglobalhosts where the contestants are asked add a short description of our photo that is between 30-50 words.

Hope you enjoyed this update. Sometimes it takes me awhile to catch up or on to new things. Information about the word count was on a post by @steempeak a couple of months ago.

Now I need to go really read the most recent update post from @Steempeak. Cause I see that they also talked about how you can now edit old posts, which I did in making this post. Super cool!

I am super impressed with the interface of @steempeak and their diligence to continually improve. I am also a very proud sister (@jarvie is my little brother).

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