SteemitBoard knock out by hardfork

SteemitBoard need your help!

Over time, the @steemitboard project has grown in popularity and enjoys an excellent reputation in the community.

@steemitboard badges and notifications are not only appreciated by regulars users, but especially by newcomers because it is an excellent motivating factor, which encourages them to stay on the platform. As proof, the many positive replies from users after receiving a notification.

Here are some examples:

4000 notifications and 2000 upvotes per day

@steemitboard sends a large number of different notifications, especially when:

  • you have reached your next target for the various achievements that SteemitBoard monitor for you (posts, comments, upvotes, …)
  • you are active in a community
  • it's your birthday on Steemit
  • you participate in a contest
  • you participate to events organised by SteemitBoard
    and many other reasons ...

Moreover, to boost and support users, @steemitboard regularly upvotes the posts on which notifications are sent.

You can see a complete detail of this activity in Steemitboard’s latest witness report

Steemitboard has a lot of new features that are ready to be deployed and we were eagerly waiting for the HF20 and its new feature to pop them out, but …

The last hardfork beat up SteemitBoard

Guess you've all suffered (and still suffer) from the terrible restrictions imposed by the recent change with HF20 in accounting for your use of the blockchain: the infamous Resource Credits and Voting Manabar.

As a result, not only did we all find ourselves unable to make transactions (posts, comments, upvotes, ...) but in addition our ability to interact was greatly diminished!

In the case of @steemitboard, it's pretty disastrous. A quick glance at its current status allows to realize it:

At full charge, @steemitboard will only be able to send 345 notifications OR to upvote 1584 of your posts. And remember that full charge requires 5 days to complete!

This means that, to stay fully operational on the long term, @steemitboard should limit itself to sending 69 notifications a day and should abstain from voting for your post as it used to do.

All this to say that with these limitations, SteemitBoard is knocked out!

SteemitBoard need your help to survive

SteemitBoard is running for nearly 2 years now.

@steemitboard never powered down, in order to increase its effect on both your reputation and your reward when it upvote your posts.

Thanks to YOUR upvotes to support the project, its Steem Power has slowly raised over time.

SteemitBoard also runs a witness node, which provides it with a few extra (thin) SP each day, but none of them have been powered down and it would currently not be enough to cover the infrastructure and team costs (3 people are involved in the projet: @arcange, @techybear and @captaink).

All this to say that without any help, SteemitBoard will stay on the ground!

Here are some quick calculations:

At current RC-Cost for comment, each notification requires 7.03 SP and each upvote requires 1.53 SP.

Therefore, sending the same amount of notifications (~4000) and upvoting the same number of posts (~2000) as of today requires at least 31174 Steem Power. And it goes without saying that it is a lower limit. Indeed, we all hope that the number of users and the activity on the platform will grow and @steemitboard's activity is proportional to this growth.

With less than that, this means that sooner or later @steemitboard will run out of mana and will be unable to transact unless it stops its activities to reload.

How can you help?

Here is how you can help me keep SteemitBoard alive:

1. Vote for @steemitboard as a witness

Free of charge action! Witnesses are paid by the platform for the work they do. By voting for @steemitboard as a witness, you will ensure a small but steady revenue that will be entirely allocated to the project.

vote for @steemitboard as a witness

2. Make a donation

You can transfer or power up some STEEM to @steemitboard. Transfer as many as you can/want. Any amount will help. Small drops make big rivers!

3. Delegate Steem Power

This is the fastest way to raise @steemitboard's Steem Power. By doing this, you will

  • enable @steemitboard to continue to entertain people on Steemit.
  • enable @steemitboard to support more effectively active people on the platform. Read this post to see how this happens.

As a delegator, you will get a return on your investment by receiving more powerful upvotes from @steemitboard when you receive one of its notification.

SP DelegationDelegator Benefits
100 SP2% upvote
250 SP5% upvote
500 SP10% upvote
1000 SP20% upvote
>2000 SP40% upvote

PS1: delegation requirements and voting power values might be subject to change depending on available voting power.
PS2: @steemitboard reserves the right to stop upvotes for accounts demonstrating abusive behavior.

Finally, rest assured that we appreciate the unfailing support that all of you have brought us. All your replies are read, but can often not be replied by the @steemitboard account because this one is busy sending notifications. That's why you may received an answer from one of the team members.

Fun must go on! Thanks for reading and for your help!

UPDATE1: The SteemitBoard website and its infrastructure are still working and the information and badges displayed are up-to-date. This means that you will receive your new badges as expected.
The only processes on hold are notifications and upvotes.

UPDATE2: The latest HF fix deployment (v0.20.5) had some positive effect on @steemitboard's available resources. We have been able to reactivate some notifications (level change, personal badges, community badges).
We will monitor your RC consumption and see how things evolve, but with current RC system values, we still need at least 17100 SP to be able to operate as before HF20.

Thank you all for your support!

Steemitboard is a project created by @arcange

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