Why Proper Tagging is Crucial

Good morning Steemit,

I wanted to take a moment to talk about something that might seem insignificant to many of you, especially Dolphins and Whales that have been on the platform for a long time, but that is incredibly important to Redfish and Plankton just beginning to use this platform. And that's how to use the tag system and why it's important. I aim to only take a moment of your time and to summarize this as quickly and easily as I can, so let's get started.

What is the tag system?

  • The tag system is designed to describe content being posted.
  • The tag system allows curators to filter content into categories for better visibility and curation.
  • The tag system allows the creation of unique tags (like #incorruptiblebook) that specific content can be posted to.

Why is proper use important for Redfish/Plankton?

  • Proper use of tags prevents you from missing out on curation rewards.
    • When users are browsing a tag, if your content is mis-classified to the tag they're browsing, a curator is more likely to pass by or flag it than they are to actually read it. Even if it's not bad content.
  • Proper use of tags allows your content to be discovered and potentially curated by the people using those tags to discover content.
  • Proper use of tags allows you to connect with the communities that browse each tag, building your audience and connections with others here on Steemit.
    • This is important for the long haul, when the initial bot follow accounts start to taper off.
    • Organic connections also further increase the chances of future curation.

How can I know what tags to use for my content?

That's it! Use these tips to become a #tagpro in no time!

Cheers, Mako


Thanks for reading. If you found this helpful or know a Redfish who might could benefit from this information, feel free to re-steem this post. This article was written as a part of the @tagalong initiative on educating new users about the tag system. If you appreciate these efforts, please check out the latest Tagalong informational post here.

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