SteemFest Meet The Stemians Contest - The mysterious rule revealed

The Meet the Steemians Contest (MSC) started yesterday (read the announcement here) at STeemFest in Bangkok and attendees started using Proof-of-Scan (POS) by doing intensive scan/talk/scan session.

In the announcement, we mentioned a "mysterious new rule" that will be added to this edition of the contest. This new rule has been revealed at the opening of SteemFest Conference Day 1.

Here it is:

Get a contest bonus with Proof-of-Hug (PoH)

SteemFest is an event where you can make real friendships. With PoH, you can spread the love and earn more contest points!

To get a Proof-of-Hug, after you have made a mutual scan with someone, ask a third Steemian that will act as a witness and will take a picture you hugging the person you just met.

Your hug witness will then create a new post:

  • using the following title: SteemFest Proof of Hug
  • with the picture she/he has just taken inserted in the post
  • using the tag #proof-of-hug

The content of the post can be anything as long as you strictly follow the above rules. Be creative!

All 3 users involved in the process (2 hugging + 1 witness) will get an additional 5 MSC points!

Of course, the Proof-of-Hug is NOT mandatory. We respect each one's privacy and cultural habits. Feel free to politely refuse if you do not wish to be photographed.

Enjoy SteemFest - Meet and Hug them all!

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