SteemFest⁴ - Meet the Steemians Contest

SteemFest⁴ will kick off soon. Last year, we wanted to add some fun to the event and created a simple and funny contest that lasted for the whole duration of SteemFest in Krakow. This initiative was a great success and was highly appreciated by all participants.

Therefore, we decided to renew the experience for SteemFest⁴, with some minor changes...

Meet the Steemians Contest (MSC)

The contest is open to all SteemFest’s attendees and we made the participation process and rules as simple as possible.

The contest will officially start when SteemFest registration opens. So don’t rush in before you get your official SteemFest badge.

1. Register at SteemFest

As soon as you have registered at SteemFest⁴ in Bangkok, you can go to SteemitBoard website and type your name to access your board.
(Small tip: you can install the SteemitBoard Google Chrome Extension to speed up this process.)

You will notice there is a new SteemFest⁴ MSC tab. If you are a SteemFest attendee, this tab will be automatically selected when you go to your board.

The tab contains the avatar of all registered attendees and they will all be grayed and locked at the beginning of the contest.

2. Install the SteemFest app on your smartphone

The SteemFest mobile app is available for iPhone or Android

3. Scan the QR code found on your badge

Register yourself in the app by scanning your own QR code or entering your Steem username manually.

ATTENTION 1: Make sure you have first scanned your own badge, otherwise you will enter the contest as someone else..

To check your username:

  • launch the SteemFest app
  • click on the “connect” button
  • click on the “share” button
  • check your username above the displayed QR code

If it’s not your username, you will have to delete and reinstall the SteemFest app, then scan your own QR code again.


Once you have started the contest with one device, you will NOT be able to switch to another device! The first scan that you will do with a device will force you to continue the contest with the same device, so choose wisely the device you want to use for the contest if you have more than one smartphone and/or tablet!

4. Meet the Steemians

Your goal is to meet as many steemians as possible and light up a maximum of badges among the ones available!

To do so, initiate a meeting with a new steemian,

For the meeting to be valid:

  • Scan his/her QR code.
  • You will have to spend some time with your new friend.
    A delay of at least
    2 minutes
    is required between 2 mutual scans. Use this time to get to know each others.
  • Ask your new friend to scan your own QR code.

Each time you meet someone (i.e. do a successful mutual QR code scan), both Steemians will get 1 MSC point and the related badge on both boards will light up and display as an unlocked avatar.

As there will be participants, use can use the filter button at the right of the tab change how the list of attendees will be displayed

My SteemFest friendsThis will only show people you've already met
I need to meet themThis will show participants you have not met yet
SteemFest attendeesThis is the default view that shows all participants

5. The mysterious and valuable Special Attendees

Among the participants of SteemFest⁴, some of them are “special attendees” who will bring you more points (up to 115) if you meet them!

There are:

Attendee(s)Meeting value
1 gold20 MSC points
5 silver15 MSC points
10 bronze10 MSC points

However, no one knows who the “special attendees” are!

Therefore, it can be @eliepowel, @andarchy or @roelandp, your best friend or even this guy/girl sitting alone at the bar and staring at his/her glass. Go, meet that Steemian!

Note: A random number will be assigned to each attendee. @roelandp has also drawn 16 random numbers, encrypted them and stored them in this transaction.

@roelandp will provide us with the encryption key in another transaction when the contest is over. This way, nobody will know who are the special attendees while the contest is running.

6. The mysterious new contest rule

We added a new rule to the contest!


It will be revealed at the opening of SteemFest’s Conference Day 1. Do not miss it!

7. End of the contest

The contest will end on Sunday 11/11 at midnight, Bangkok time.

The name of the “special attendees” will be revealed after SteemFest⁴.

Check your contest ranking

You will be able to check your ranking in real-time. To do so, click on the link at the top of the SteemFest⁴ MSC tab:

This will bring you to a dedicated page where the actual score of each participant will be displayed.

There is a handy search box that will allow you to find yourself quickly in the ranking.

data taken from previous year contest

Note: Points collected by meeting mystery people will not be displayed while the contest is running. They will be added after the contest has ended.

Contest Global Rules

Each QR scan point will be registered within the blockchain with a micro-transfer.

MSC point are granted when 2 mutual scan match and attributed in QR scan order
If user1 scan QR code of user2 before user2 scan QR code of user1, user1 will receive the MSC point before user2

In the event of a tie between players, the winner will be the one who first got the greatest amount of MSC points (verification based on confirmation transfer)

Good luck, meet them all and enjoy SteemFest⁴

Steemitboard is a project created by @arcange

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