Do not miss the coming Rocky Mountain Steem Meetup and get a new community badge!

The next Rocky Mountain (Colorado, USA) Steem meetup will take place on Saturday, June 22nd afternoon at Cripple Creek.

This meetup is organized by the @rockymtnsteem and several Steemians already planned to attend. You can read the announcement of the meetup here.

These meetups have been regularly organized and several Steemians have attended the previous occurrences.

To celebrate it and reward all participant, @steemitboard has prepared a new commemorative badge that attendees can receive when participating in the meetup. The badge attribution is managed by the meetup organizers and anyone getting the badge will be able to display it on his/her board of honor.

If you live in the region or are traveling around Colorado, do not miss this opportunity to meet wonderful Steemians. We hope you will all have a lot of fun gathering together!

Thanks to @sunravelme and @alexvanaken for managing the meetup and coordinating with us for the badge creation.

Happy Steem Meetup!

If you are a meetup organizer and you want to reward participants with a personalized badge, feel free to contact me on or on Discord.

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