SteemHunt & ReviewHunt: Interview with Founder Young-Hwi

Hello Steemians, today @steemhunt released their newest product: Reviewhunt. Steemit's Head of Communications, @andrarchy, sat down with Young-Hwi Cho, the Founder and designer of Steemhunt a few months ago, so we thought today would be the perfect time to release that conversation.

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Steemhunt Founder

Young-Hwi is an experienced designer and serial entrepreneur, so a lot of ground was covered in this interview. As an entrepreneur who has been delivering one of the few real blockchain-powered products to users for years, Yung-Hwi's insights into building a tech business in the blockchain space are priceless.


If you'd like to learn more about their new product, Reviewhunt, you can skip to minute 52. In short, companies can gain access to the platforms "Hunters" by purchasing Review credits. Those Review credit purchases will then be linked directly to the exchange markets through their API, generating demand for the token. That means that as they expand their sales, and grow the reach of their product, that should create non-speculative demand for their token.

To see for yourself, head on over to Reviewhunt!

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