Resource Credits Explained by Senior Blockchain Engineer @Vandeberg

Today we have a bonus Steemit Podcast episode for you all! Earlier today we released an interview with @good-karma, the Founder of @esteemapp and now we have an interview with Senior Blockchain Engineer @vandeberg in which he explains Steem's revolutionary Resource Credit system which is key to making Steem the best freemium blockchain in the world for powering applications.

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While other blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum use transaction fees to allocate resource consumption by the network, Resource Credits enable Steem to allocate resources without charging any fees at all, while still preventing spam and bloat. It may sound simple, but as @vandeberg explains, delivering these unrivaled features are not simple at all.


A lot of work is being done behind the scenes by the blockchain to ensure that reasonable usage of the blockchain is allowed for free, while users who place an excessive load on the network are nudged to acquire more Steem Power. This keeps the system free by making it stake-to-play, as opposed to pay-to-play.

In this episode, we learn more about this under-appreciated system, and why Steem is uniquely suited to benefit from it, unlike general-purpose protocols like Ethereum.

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