Science at home! Fun homemade experiments for the little ones. Today we will study Electrification by rubbing!

Hello friends @steemiteducation, the education of our children is fundamental for us as parents and that is why we always have to look for the best teaching tools that help us transmit knowledge in a practical and fun way. The experiments at home are a very valuable tool that we have to take advantage of, they offer us infinite possibilities that we must use to teach.

Today we will perform a fun experiment that looks like magic, children will love it because they will see how an object moves without needing to touch it, so let's see what Electrification is about by rubbing.


But before we start, let's see the theoretical part so that the children know what we are talking about.

What is Electrification by rubbing or Static Electricity?

To explain how static electricity originates, we must consider that matter is made up of atoms and the atoms of charged particles, a nucleus surrounded by a cloud of electrons. Normally, matter is neutral, has the same number of positive and negative charges.

Some atoms have more facility to lose their electrons than others. If a material tends to lose some of its electrons when it comes into contact with another, it is said to be more positive in the triboelectric series. If a material tends to capture electrons when it comes in contact with another material, this material is more negative in the triboelectric series. Source.

Now if we see what we need for this experiment!


  • Two cigarettes for refreshments.

  • A pin

  • A piece of wool

  • A cork.

  • A scissor



  • The first thing we have to do is cut a piece of the soft drink so that it serves as a base to place the cane horizontally


  • Then we cross the cane horizontally and place our base with the pin, so that one end of it is outside that we can insert into the cork


  • We insert the pin in the cork and we must bear in mind that the soft drink cane should be able to move with facidity as shown in the video.

  • The last part of the experiment is to rub both the soda can inserted in the cork and the other soda cane with the wool cloth, then we put them in the ideal position (as it appears in the video) and we bring both reeds together so that we notice as magically both repel and the one that is horizontal begins to turn.

What has happened?

Electric charges of the same sign repel and charges of different sign are attracted.

The soda can or the plastic tube are electrified if rubbed with wool. The straw is negatively charged and the wool cloth is positively charged.

The straw and the plastic tube have negative electrical charge and repel.

Children love to do experiments. With them, while having fun, they learnand ask questions about the world around them. Among its many benefits, scientific exploration feeds the child's natural curiosity, fosters his interest in science, stimulates reasoning and logic, improves his ability to solve problems, increases his self-esteem and prepares them to understand more complicated scientific concepts in the future.To enjoy science is not necessary to have a laboratory, you will be surprised by the amount of experiments that can be done with some home materials. So do not wait any longer, get to work and have fun with your children or students.I hope that this article has been of your interest and help, and I hope you in my next publication!Regards!!!

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