Science at home! Fun homemade experiments for the little ones. Today we will learn about the Water Pressure! Experiment # 3

Hello friends @steemiteducation, the education of our children is fundamental for us as parents and that is why we always have to look for the best teaching tools that help us transmit knowledge in a practical and fun way. The experiments at home are a very valuable tool that we have to take advantage of, they offer us infinite possibilities that we must use to teach.

Today we will continue to learn about water pressure through another fun experiment that children will love


Let's see what it is about and what we need:


  • A pot of water with its lid.

  • A nail or puncturing object to open holes in the pot.

  • Water.

  • A container to prevent water from spilling


As is usual, review the theoretical part so that the children know what it is about and what we are studying.

Principle of Hydrostatic:

The fundamental principle of hydrostatics states that the pressure exerted by the water depends on the depth. The deeper, the more pressure. Source

Atmospheric pressure

Atmospheric pressure is the weight of the column of air over any point or place on the earth and is therefore the weight per unit area.

Atmospheric pressure = Weight of the air column / Surface unit

The higher the height, the lower the atmospheric pressure and the lower the height and the closer it gets to sea level, the greater the pressure. Source


  • To perform our experiment we make two or three holes (at the same height) in a plastic bottle, temporarily cover them with electrical tape and fill the bottle completely with water. We do not put the cap on the bottle.



  • When removing the tape and uncovering the holes it is observed that water comes out horizontally.

  • The water contained in the bottle exerts perpendicular forces on the walls of the container that drives the water through the holes.

  • If we tilt the bottle, the water comes out in a direction perpendicular to the surface of the bottle, not horizontally. As shown in the video.

As you can see the Home Experiments can be very useful when using them as a teaching and learning tool, we as parents have the responsibility to offer our children the best possible education, for which we should look for the most appropriate strategies, our little ones They are full of curiosity and they love seeing new things and that is a point in our favor, the Experiments Cases gives us a universe of our knowledge. The opportunity to learn while having fun, just do not think about it anymore and put it into practice.

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