Educational crafts from home! Preparation of beautiful Christmas nativity scene! Part 1!

Hello friends of @steemiteducation, I had some time lost here but I'm back, and I come with great desire to mount funny but especially educational publications, which the little ones will love.

I had previously presented several publications on handicrafts, because this time we are going to air on that same path only that we are going to do it in parts, we will be working with a material called Cold Porcelain and in some countries they call it Flexible Mass.

It will be very fun and educational, we will be making a manger for Christmas where we will create the figures of Maria, Jose, the child Jesus and the Mule and the Ox.

In this first post with Cold Porcelain we will be doing the step by step for the elaboration of the figure of Maria, then we will perform that of Jose in a second post and so on until we complete the birth since it is very laborious and it would not be a good idea to place them all In the same publication.

So let's go with the fun and see what we need.


  • Flexible mass or cold porcelain of colors: White, black, yellow, skin color. (Approximately 50 grams of each color, regularly this material when we buy it comes in transparent color and we paint it with the colors that we need to work with cold paints).

  • Stakes or pallets for working cold porcelain. (You can help with plastic knives, wooden sticks or other materials)

  • A wooden stick.

  • White paste or school paste.

  • A black pen or down.



  • The first thing we have to do is arm Maria's body, to do this we need to create a white mass circle of approximately 6 cts in diameter.

  • Then we flatten it a little on one side and we introduce the wooden stick wet with a little white pay, as shown in the photos.


  • Then we will create Maria's arms, to do this we create two circles of white Mass of approximately 4 cts and flatten them a little at one end.

  • Then with a cutter we open the dough a little bit where we are going to make the doubles and fold the dough so that it looks like the arm is bent, pinching the elbow a bit and simulating the elbow and thus giving it more shape.

  • And we glue them to the sides of the body that we created from Maria.


  • Once the arms are made we will create the hands, making two circles of mass of skin color of approximately 1 cts and flatten them a little and paste them at the ends of the arms, once this is done we join the hands with a little stick of shape such that Maria seems to be praying.


  • We proceed to create the head and we do it with a mass circle of approximately 5 cts but this time of skin color and we embed it in the wooden stick that leaves Maria's body and we also put a little glue to prevent it Drop and take off.

  • Then we proceed to elaborate the black hair, making a circle of Mass of approximately 2 cts and we aguecamos and we are flattening and shaping it, finally we paste it with a little pay to the head and with one of the stakes we make the shape of the hair as seen in the photograph.

PUZZLE_20190805_171319 (1).jpg

  • When we have Maria's head ready with her hair we proceed to create the mantle that she wears on the head and to do this we form a circle of white mass of approximately 3 cts and flatten it to a thickness of approximately 0.5 cts and we shape it in the top part that we will place on top of the hair and stick it with a little white paste.


  • Once this is done we proceed to create an aura that we will place on top of Maria's head I make with a Yellow mass circle of approximately 2 cts, which we will flatten up to a thickness of 0.5 cts we shape it with our stakes as a kind of rays that make it up and stick it on top of the mantle.


  • Finally we proceed to draw the face of Maria, with our makeup blush we can color the cheeks and with a fine-tip pen of black color we form the eyes and the smile as seen in the photo


And here is our work finished!


The crafts will always be a very useful tool to educate our children, through them, we can also transmit information, knowledge, activities, activities, attention and concentration, memorization, psychomotricity. and the additional increases. Self-esteem There are many activities that children can do at home thanks to what can have a good time with the children of the house, help them in their physical and mental development, make them have fun and improve communication between the family. Even making an everyday activity an educational resource!So, we also have a little time with our children and we click on educational crafts that will bring many benefits as well as strengthening family ties.Thanks for visiting my blog and I wait for you in my next publication.

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